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The Dream Dome

The Dream Dome is our flagship home, a 30' diameter footprint with more than 1200 square feet of living space. Master bedroom, kitchen, living area and bathroom downstairs, with enough space for two more bedrooms upstairs.
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  • The Dream Dome Home
  • The LongHouse

Dome Home

size: 1260 Sq
The Dream Dome is a 30' diameter 12-sided dome. It encompasses two floors and can have up to three bedrooms. The Dream Dome comes as a kit that can be assembled by the owner, or by a general contractor. Each wall and roof section arrives prefabricated, with window and door openings ready for installation of the chosen accessories. Interior walls are constructed according to the buyer's layout preferences, in order to provide the final floor plan desired.

The Longhouse

size: 2400 Sq
The Longhouse is an easily designed component home that utilizes the same prefab technologies as the Dream Dome, but is built with straight sides. This gives it a "barn-like" appearance, and is likely to be one of the most spacious and comfortable homes you will ever occupy. As you can see, the walls flow up and over the top, allowing wind and rain to move freely. It can be designed in any length based on multiples of 8 feet, and can be extended with a half-dome on one end, as shown below, or a half dome could be added to both ends.
Marble Flooring
Italian Sink
Solio Bathtub
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