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Why Use LDF Silver?

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LDF Silver is Genuine Sound Money backed by .999 Fine Silver!

Start Accepting LDF Silver Payments Instantly

You can register for an account and begin accepting LDF Silver on your website in just minutes!

Send and Receive LDF Silver

You can send and receive LDF Silver by email, a great way to pay and get paid in SILVER!

Instant Payment Notifications

You are notified instantly via e-mail when someone sends LDF Silver to your account.

Free Referral Program

Open a free account today and be automatically enrolled in our free affiliate program that pays you in LDF Silver for referring new Members.

Variety of Loading Options

You can purchase Silver to secure your Liberty Dollar Financial Digital Warehouse Receipts Account with PayPal, credit/debit card, bank wire or check through the U.S. Mail, orCONTACT US about other options.

Redemption Options

You can redeem your Silver and take possession of it at any time, or withdraw paper Warehouse Receipts you can use locally.

Sell Online

You can accept LDF Silver via email, on your website and many other ways. We are here to help you get paid in Silver and protect your wealth and spending power!

Mobile Ready!

Conduct all your LDF business on your Android or iOS devices, as well as on a computer.


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