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DIGITAL SILVER CREDITS are Digital Warehouse Receipts for a specific amount of .999 Fine Silver stored in our own or a third party's storage facility. They are negotiable because they can be transferred to any other Member.

In a sense, it is. A recent Supreme Court Decision referenced the fact that digital currencies are a form of money that can be used to make purchases or exchanges. Under the law, it is perfectly legal to use Liberty Dollars in this fashion, as long as you are not handing over physical Silver Bullion at the time of the transaction. That's why these Digital Warehouse Receipts work, because the Recipient can redeem them at any time.

You can barter with anyone who is willing to accept Warehouse Receipts in exchange for goods or services, but they are NOT Legal Tender. This means that no one is required to accept them. The Liberty Dollar Financial Marketplace is provided for our Members who wish to market their own goods and services here in exchange for DIGITAL SILVER CREDITS.

Yes. Just visit for more information.

Just visit the "Sell/Redeem" page under the "New Transactions" tab on the left side Members' Menu. You can choose to sell your silver back to us via paypal or other methods, redeem your silver or withdraw Negotiable Paper Warehouse Receipts for use locally.

The silver in storage is kept in 50 and 100 ounce bars and plates. Redemption silver is in one ounce rounds.

No. Liberty Dollars and DIGITAL SILVER CREDITS are legal Bearer Warehouse Receipts that are evidence of title to a specific amount of .999 Fine Silver stored with us, and may be freely traded with anyone. This is a system for the exchange of Paper or Digital Warehouse Receipts, but neither of them constitute "Legal Tender." Both are intended as mediums of barter, and both are redeemable in actual .999 fine Silver Bullion.

No. Liberty Dollars are Paper Warehouse Receipts giving you title to a commodity equal to a specific volume of .999 Fine Silver and stored for you in our own or a third party's facilities and may be lawfully traded for goods or services. Silver Specie, the actual silver rounds or bars, however, are prohibited from direct use in commerce by law, and this was the case made by the government against Bernard von NotHaus and the original Liberty Dollar. This is why Liberty Dollar Financial does not offer any silver rounds that are designed to be used as money.

No. We are sellers of Silver Bullion and warehousemen. Our Warehouse Receipts meet the requirements under US law as Negotiable Bearer instruments and can lawfully be used in barter, but we do not promote buying our silver in the hope of a significantly profitable return in the future. Rather, we recommend the use of silver as a means of preserving your spending power against the effects of inflation and devaluation of the dollar.

Visit the "Buy Silver" page under the "New Transactions" tab on the left side Members' Menu. Choose the number of ounces you wish to purchase and complete the transaction. Your account balance will show you the accurate SPOT price value of your silver, and the Current Silvr Balance will show you how many ounces you own in decimal form.

Liberty Dollar Financial will buy back any silver in your account instantly, via PayPal, check by mail, or Bank transfer.

A 1 Ounce Silver Certificate costs SPOT plus a $2.50 Premium.

Or you can visit the Liberty Dollar Financial Contact Page and send us your questions or coments in details.

Contact us with any other questions.